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How to Throw the Best Dinner Party Around

How to Throw the Best Dinner Party Around

Anyone who knows me, knows I truly love a good dinner party. Hosting one is even better, except for the insane amount of time it takes. As much as I love having everyone over and wining and dining the guests, I really can’t afford to take the time to do so now of days. Well everyone told me the solution… catering. I just wasn’t for it. I figured nothing could compare to a meal made from scratch right there in my kitchen. Well… I was wrong. In walks Randazzo Italiano and the game is forever changed. Think of the meatballs your Nona used to make and that is what Randazzo Italiano is putting on your plate. From chianti braised brisket to nutella brownies (my two favorites!), they have it all. The process of ordering Randazzo Italiano is probably even more convenient  than not having to cook! All you have to do is head to their website ( ), select your address within the Miami Dade area, choose your meal, and boom you’re done. Not only that, but they have individual meal delivery. Yeah you are hearing the angels singing right!?! As a busy working woman, meal delivery is the best thing to have graced this Earth in a while… now add the fact you can get amazing Italian food! SIGN ME UP!!!

What I tried:

Catering Menu-

Antipasta: Probably one of the best variety antipastos around. The meats were some of the best I’ve ever had, and it was a great plate to set out for when people are walking in.

Chopped Salad: The dressing, oh my gosh! The salad was fresh, but the dressing was what set this dish apart!

Penne Al A Vodka: So I’m not a huge pasta fan, but this was pretty great. Not only that, but the portion was large enough to feed an army.

Garlic Rolls: Food porn to the max. These rolls were so good, I didn’t even care I would have to hit the gym for 3 hours to work off eating 6 of them!

Chicken Parmesan: Again not a huge fried food fan, but this was breaded so lightly I couldn’t help but take a second serving. The cheese was nice and melty when it arrived, further showing how fresh it was.

Meal Delivery-

Chianti Braised Brisket: I have Jewish family who makes brisket all of the time, and man I have to say this surpassed any brisket I have ever had! The meat was so tender and seasoned to perfection.

Orecchiette & Italian Sausage: This pasta was perfection. My only adjustment was to add fresh parmesan before reheating!

Sausage & Peppers: This is comfort food. Turn on the football game, and enjoy not having to cook for the night!

Meatballs: Oh geez. I ate all 3 and feel no regrets.

Chicken Marsala: The portion of chicken was insanely generous. Honestly wasn’t my favorite dish, but for sure a classic everyone can appreciate!

Lasagna: Classic dish did not disappoint. The portion was enough for two meals, but I obviously devoured it in one!

Panna Cotta: I’m not a huge panna cotta lover, but the lightness of this dish made it perfect after a pasta meal.

Tiramisu: In the past 6 months, tiramisu has stolen a piece of my heart. This tiramisu changed me to a die hard fan!

Nutella Brownie: I for sure saved the best for last. This was the best brownie I have had in South Florida. I eat chocolate desserts all day everyday, so that statement should be enough to make you order yourself!

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