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Best Places To Eat In Doral

Best Places To Eat In Doral

I find that Doral is a very underrated section of Miami. I never ventured out there until about 2 months ago. Now, I continuously find myself wanting to dine there. Below you will find my favorite restaurants in Miami’s hidden gem:

Best Restaurant for Celebrations: Bocas House 

Bocas House has become wildly popular due to their extreme milkshakes. Why they do tend to be quite sweet, they make a fantastic centerpiece for photos! Personally, I am all about their dinner! I am not a huge octopus fan, but the grilled octopus appetizer has to be my absolute favorite item on the menu! Plus, you can never go wrong with the tomahawk and truffle fries!

Best Restaurant for Sushi: Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market

Dragonfly is located in the cutest strip mall not too far off of the Turnpike, that you would never guess is there! However, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon this place, you will not be disappointed. All of the fish is so fresh and flavorful. They have signature rolls and lots of shareable asian inspired plates. I mean who doesn’t like anything that has to do with the concepts of tapas?

Best Restaurant for Grab & Go: Giardino Gourmet Salads 

Although Giardino is a chain, I am definitely not ruling it out! I am a huge huge huge salad fan. Like I eat at least one salad everyday… this one was up to par for sure. Plus it has a BYO option, which is great for people like me, who make every menu item into a BYO. Most importantly, all of the ingredients are so fresh as if just picked out of the garden.

Best Restaurant for Instagram Content: Pisco Y Nazca

So as content creator, I had to make this a category… sorry not sorry. I mean just look at this dessert, the videos of it have gone viral for good reason. The perfect chocolate dome melting is the truest from of food porn anybody can find!

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