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What it’s Really Like To Eat With a Food Blogger

What it’s Really Like To Eat With a Food Blogger

Let’s start by saying that as a food blogger I often get invited to media tastings and different food events. The question I typically follow up with is, “can I get a plus one?” After I get the o-k, I reach out to a friend to see if they want to join. The answer is almost always “of course, why wouldn’t I want free food?” Let me say, THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE GETTING THEMSELVES INTO. Dining with me for fun and as a food blogger are totally different experiences. Let’s take a walk through what its really like to eat with someone infatuated with food.


Right here my friends are already starting to hate me because I pretty much tell them what they are going to be eating. Actually, I tell them exactly what they are ordering for every single course. We all know that the plates have to be different. This way, I get the most shots with different colors, angles, and perspectives. Plus, there has to be cheese on the plate because… #cheesepull.


As we wait for the food, I politely ignore my friend as managers frequent the table making sure you give them a good review by the end of the meal. After I just gave my menu to the waiter, I ask to see the menu again. This is because I have the memory of a gold fish and forgot what was in the items I ordered and have to take a photo of the menu for my review later. Finally everything starts to relax and I can enjoy a nice peaceful meal with my friend. Nevermind, here comes the food…

Feast Time:

Glorious sighting… here comes the food. Out comes the: iPhone, Canon, Tripod, 2 different lenses, and selfie stick, just for good measure. My friend now looks over and comes to the realization no way is the food going to be hot by the time they get it. I pretty much take photos of every angle imaginable. The background is super important. This is when other patrons awkwardly watch me as I parade around the restaurant with a plate in my hand looking for the best lighting and prettiest wall. I finally found it, now I must destroy the food ( #doitfortheinsta ). If there is cheese, I must pull it; if there is cookies, I must separate it; and if there is steak, I must cut it (in slo-mo of course). Now that the food is: cold, chopped, pulled, and broken… it’s time to eat!

More Waiting: 

Now that the food is gone and we are in a food coma, it’s time to relax right? No! The work has only begun. Now, I must once again ignore my friend to edit a photo, post it to all the social media channels as possible, create the perfect hashtags, and then schedule the rest of my posts. This is now complete, and the manager or owner once again walks over. Now we engage in a 30 minute conversation about how great the food was. Finally we wrap up and head out of the restaurant.

The Drive Home: 

I take this time to apologize to my friend for how long it took, and how I ignored them, and used every single thing they ordered (well, I ordered for them) for photos. I expect them to be upset and never want to join me in my work ventures ever again. Yet, unexpectedly they don’t care at all. Why? Free food that’s why! Welcome to the life of a food blogger!

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