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Bocas House- Doral, Florida

Bocas House- Doral, Florida

This past weekend I was invited for a media tasting at Bocas House. I didn’t have too many expectations going into the meal, except for the fact that I knew these milkshakes had to be good. I mean, the hype alone was enough to get me to go. I brought along a friend, and we immediately noticed the long line of people waiting outside for a table. Some people might get upset when they see this, but for me… it’s a good sign! We sat down and were greeted with beautiful glasses of sangria.


I notice the details. Not only do I notice them, but I appreciate them. Well, this sangria had a baby fork in it! Genius! It made eating all of the sangria soaked fruit that much easier! Shortly after this, the appetizers were brought out. We tried the tequenos, yellow pepper mac & cheese, and pulpo al grill. Normally, I would say that whatever had the most cheese, would be my favorite. However, that was not the case. The octopus was the star of the show. It was seasoned to perfection.


As we finished devouring the octopus (which is pictured above), the entrée came out. I am a huge steak fan. Oddly, people frequently ask if I am vegan ( I guess because I enjoy going to Whole Foods and am kind of hipster). Well, the answer is NO. I love steak with a passion. So, when I was greeted with a 52 ounce Tomahawk, I was in heaven!


Not only was the steak great, but so were the truffle fries and Argentinean sausage that came with it! I really wanted to eat it all, but I had to save room for their infamous milkshakes. As we waited for them to come out, I became more and more full! I decided to power through when I saw 3 glorious milkshakes come out! I was able to try their holiday shake along with their signature Nutella and 3 leches milkshake! I was a fan of them all. My only complaint is that by the time the masterpieces were delivered, they were a little runny for my taste.


Overall, my takeaway is to come hungry and you will leave happy. I enjoyed the dinner more than the milkshakes! The must orders are the Pulpo al Grill and the red sangria! Feel free to check out the menu here-

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