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Providence’s Top Coffee Shops

Providence’s Top Coffee Shops

This past week I traveled to the beautiful city of Providence. It is known as such a great city for restaurants, but what about coffee shops? Well, I decided to check out for myself! Below you will find my top three choices for a good cup of joe!

1.Bolt Coffee Company


Bolt is located inside of the Dean Hotel. The first floor is occupied by all of the local hipster companies, while the hotel lobby starts on the second floor. Bolt serves your traditional coffees along with unique barista specialties. I was taken back by the limited selections of milks (almond or whole); however, the barista was quick to explain that the reasoning was because they source from a local dairy farm. All together, Bolt is a great choice for someone on the go in the city looking for just a good cup of coffee.

2. Coffee Exchange


The Coffee Exchange is located in the outer districts of the city. I went at about 5pm on a weekday and couldn’t find a seat. This place is always happening. From college kids to business men, this coffee shops serves as a great place to sit down, have a drink, and get some work done. The coolest part is the fact that you can choose from over 20 origins of coffee beans!

3. The Coffee Grinder


So technically the Coffee Grinder is located in Newport, not Providence. However, it was just too good to leave out! The tiny shop is located right on the end of the wharf. It has limited seating inside the place. This is not too much of a turn away considering the bounty of Adirondack chairs they have on the pier overlooking the water!


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