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Eating aboard the Celebrity Infinity

Eating aboard the Celebrity Infinity

Celebrity Cruises prides themselves on their high class service and cuisine. But is this true? Well, I set sail on the Infinity to see for myself. While I wasn’t too impressed with the main dining options, some of the specialty restaurants served fantastic food.

One of the restaurants available for the suite guests was Luminae.


Luminae serves high end American cuisine. They aim to serve the top ingredients in the most modern presentations possible. Pictured above was their take on the classic opera cake and ice cream. I suggest going there for breakfast and ordering the smoke salmon plate that comes with creme fraiche and caviar!

Qsine is another specialty dining option.


At $45 dollars a head, you can experience one of the most modern dining presentations served a sea. Everything ordered at Qsine is selected by the diner off of an iPad. This being said, if you want your martini shaken, just shake the iPad! All of the dishes have a unique spin that you must try for yourself!

Now let’s talk bars!


The Martini Bar is just a cool place to be at! The whole bar is made of ice to ensure your drinks stay cold! As seen above, the bartenders are masters of the craft! Just be prepared to wait a little while for your drink.

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